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Sexual Health


Your Body and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

There is a risk of developing a sexually transmitted disease whenever a person engages in sex or sex-like activities with a partner (STD). Condoms and other protective methods can minimize the chances of contracting an STD, but they only lower the risk, not eliminate it. Many STDs have no symptoms or indicators, which is why it's crucial to be tested on a regular basis.

Is It Possible You Could Have an STD?

A person is at risk for a sexually transmitted disease if they have engaged in sex or sex-like activities. Many STDs are treatable and have no long-term consequences if identified early. However, many STDs can cause harm that is sometimes permanent if left untreated. This is why early detection and testing are critical. Even if you haven't had sex but don't show any signs or symptoms, you could still have an STD and pass it on to your partner (s). There's no way to know if your spouse has been tested unless they say so. Only by avoiding having sex or engaging in sex-like activities with a partner can you avoid contracting an STD.

What Are Ways to Prevent STDs?

You are at risk for a sexually transmitted disease if you engage in sex or sex-like activity. Condoms and other protective measures reduce danger rather than eliminate it. Abstinence is the only way to avoid catching an STD if you engage in sexual activity. This includes avoiding vaginal, oral, and anal intercourse.

Have You Recently Tested Positive for an STD?

Antibiotics and other treatment options can be used to cure some STDs. Consult your doctor and get started on a treatment plan. Because it is transmittable, do not engage in sex or sex-like activity. After an STD, there is support, hope, and healing. Call to speak with a peer consultant in confidence and without fear of being judged.

How Do I Know If I Should Be Tested for a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Anyone who is or has been involved in sex or sex-like action with a partner(s), regardless of age, should be tested.

What If I Think My Partner May Have Lied About Having an STD?

People can and do lie about their sexual history or STD status. Knowing your partner before sexual activity will not prevent them from lying to you about their sexual health. When you engage in sex or sex-like activities with a partner, you put yourself in danger.

Should I Be Tested If My Partner Told Me They Have an STD?

If you have had sex or sex-like action with someone who has an STD, you should get tested right away and halt all sexual activity.

There are 110 million men and women afflicted with STDs in the United States. We've come to provide assistance and hope. Regardless of your test result, we may direct you to STD testing in your area and provide you with assistance and support. Testing for STDs is simple and easy; contact us for confidential assistance and support.

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