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For Men


Do You Think Your Significant Other Could Be Pregnant?

Men, we want you to know that you're not alone either. You and your significant other most certainly can navigate an unplanned pregnancy. Right now though, she needs you to be there for her and for the both of you. The type of support she needs from you will be both emotional and physical.

How You Can Support Her Right Now:

Have an open line of communication and be a good listener! Equally, have an open emotional communication between the both of you as you'll need to be on the same page during this important time.

Be present with her, especially if this is her first time expecting to become a mother; she needs the support.

Communicate with others who are invested in her life. Growing her support system with trusted friends and family, in an open and honest way, will only help the both of you. However, if you both choose to withhold the news from this circle of loved ones, it's highly likely that you both will encounter undue stress and pressure.

Become informed. Get educated on what you can do to be as reliable as possible. Consider reaching out to trusted friends and family members for help.

Be completely honest. Your feelings are valid and you're going to have to take ownership of them. Her mind will be set at ease when she is able to know that you're concerned about the same things that are running through her mind. This will show growth individually for you both as well as growth & development in your relationship!

How Not To Support Her:

Do not run from your responsibilities. Attempting to avoid the situation is only going to result in a snowball effect of added pressure. No one can change the past, but everyone has the opportunity to determine their future!

Don’t persuade / pressure her. You're both in this together, and because of that it's very important that the both of you work toward a common goal like a team. You can do this!

Don't shut down communication. Be confident to express your feelings and then be ready to listen to her.

508 E 5th St, Clare, MI 48617, USA

We do not offer, recommend or refer for abortions or abortifacients, but are committed to offering accurate information about abortion procedures and risks.


Joshua's House A Place of Hope is an environment where women receive guidance, emotional support, along with instructional opportunities that assist them in successfully caring for themselves and their newborn infant.


508 E. 5th Street Clare, MI 48617

833-424-BABY (2229)


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