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About the Morning-After Pill

The morning-after pill, often known as emergency contraception, is a type of medicine used after intercourse that can help prevent pregnancy in some instances. Before using any method of emergency contraception, be sure you have all of the facts so you can make an educated decision. It is critical to look after your health. Emergency contraception comes in a variety of brands, with Plan B One-Step and ella being two of the most popular.

If you're pregnant from a past sexual encounter, certain emergency contraception won't work. If you are already pregnant and don't know it, the medications are a hefty dose of pharmaceutical hormones that are needless and expensive. To protect your health and safety, we can give you with a free and private pregnancy test.

Many people attempt to purchase emergency contraception on the internet. It's never a good idea to buy medication online without first consulting a doctor. It is critical that you maintain your health and safety.

About the Plan B One-Step

Plan B One-Step is an emergency contraception that is used after sex in an attempt to prevent a pregnancy from happening.

Should I Trust the Safety of Plan B One-Step?

It's a lot of artificial hormones, far more than a daily birth control tablet dose. Heavier periods, nausea, lower abdomen pain, exhaustion, headache, dizziness, breast tenderness, and period delay are the most prevalent side effects. [1] Plan B One-Step is likely to cause a speedy return of fertility, implying that this drug may cause your body to ovulate. [2]

Tell Me About the Effectiveness of Plan B One-Step

Pregnancy can only happen at certain times of the month. Plan B One-Step is not only pointless if you had sex when you couldn't get pregnant, but it's also a huge and pricey dose of pharmaceutical hormones. According to a research undertaken by the creators of Plan B One-Step, Plan B fails up to 39% of the time, depending on when it is used. [4]

Is There Any Reason Plan B One-Step Wouldn't Be Effective?

The medicine should be taken 72 hours (three days) following sex, according to the manufacturer. [5] It can be taken 120 hours (five days) following sex, according to many women's health centers. It is critical that you follow the drug's dose guidelines for your health and safety. You should be wary of companies who take advantage of you by selling pharmaceuticals for uses other than what they were prescribed for.

About ella

ella is a kind of contraception that can be used in an emergency. It varies from Plan B One-Step in that it acts in a similar way to the abortion medication RU-486.

Should I Trust The Safety of Ella?

After having unprotected intercourse, many women become panicked and turn to medicines like ella. You can only get pregnant on specific days of the month, around the time you ovulate. Taking ella at a period when you are unable to become pregnant exposes you to unnecessary toxins and is a waste of money. Headache, nausea, stomach (abdominal) pain, menstruation cramps, exhaustion, and dizziness are the most prevalent ella side effects. [6]

The following are some of the things we don't know about the drug:

  • Its impact on women under the age of eighteen.
  • Its impact on women over the age of 35.
  • Its impact on women who use other hormonal contraceptive methods.
  • Its impact on expectant mothers.
  • Its impact on breast-feeding mothers.
  • Its effects after using it several times during the same menstrual cycle.
  • Its impact on women who haven't started menstruating. [7]

How Do I Know If Ella Is Effective?

If taken as indicated, ella may reduce the risk of pregnancy, although it is not always successful. ella lowered the number of anticipated births from around 5.5 percent to about 2.2 percent in two studies cited in the package insert.

It should be remembered, however, that ella can make hormonal contraception less effective, leaving you more prone to pregnancy.

More About the Effectiveness of Ella

The medicine should be taken 120 hours (five days) following sex, according to the manufacturer. [8]

Choosing whether or not to utilize emergency contraception is a serious decision. We'll be pleased to answer any concerns you have about emergency contraception. For further information, please contact us. Everything is free and confidential, and you can chat to a qualified peer consultant about your circumstance.

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